Take the time to start slowly and you’ll also need to have a fair measure of tolerance with regards to your bird to get used to these tricks and then carry out them on cue.

The very first trick may be to instruct your lovebird to spin on command! To aid begin the method, utilize your index finger or possibly something similar to a pen to attract their eye attention. Slowly but surely shift your finger/pen and get the bird emulate the movements.

As you execute this, relate a word like ‘spin around’ and provide them an indulgence when they finish the project. By rehearsing this process and ensuring you apply the exact same words several times, you’ll see that you might not require your finger/pen in order to get your lovebird to spin around, but you can simply use the same term and then have your intelligent lovebird spin!

Our next trick is an easy yet an interesting 1 to have your lovebird master. It’s the wave. For starters, say ‘wave’ and then help them to hold their foot up lightly. After achieving this, praise them. Repeat this (allow sufficient breaks inbetween so as not to tax your lovebird) and over time you will definitely discover that just by saying ‘wave’, your lovebird till raise a leg automatically just for you.

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Finally, this final trick is slightly more involved and can need to have a much more perseverance however when you spend plenty of time, your lovebird may very well be able to finish this trick too. This is the flip. Focus on the bird with your hand and tilt your hand bit by bit until you have your lovebird lying on its back.

Within this procedure, be sure you supply the bird an abundance of reassurance that must be ok to lie in your hand. Stroking the crown of his head is often the best way to ease and comfort your pet. As soon as your bird is lying secure on your hand, lightly touch the tail belonging to the bird whilst saying something different, for instance ‘flip’. After the bird goes over, treat your lovebird for his clever trick.

With time and also with determination and practice, merely saying the word ‘flip’ whilst having him lie in your hand, will immediately signal your bird to flip without any further help from you.

So there you have it. Never forget to value your beautiful pet and don’t push it if he’s uncomfortable or too anxious. If you know that your lovebird currently has problems such as aggression, it’s always a good idea to sort that out first before trying to teach your bird new tricks. Good luck with these few interesting tricks and remember that there are plenty of others that can be tried out once you and your lovebird have successfully completed these ones.

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